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With Pet Med online medical profile database you can have all your pets records in the palm of your hand. Access all your records no matter where you are at and never be stuck with the run around or hauling stacks of papers to your vets office again. With Pet Med your vet will have access to your pets records so you can get back to enjoying your pet.

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Pet Med Cares

We are committed to making sure that pets are cared for no matter what. We volunteer our time at local shelters making sure that homeless pets will find thier forever home. With our Veterinarian outreach program we work along side vet offices to make sure our product is the best it can be for our customers.

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With PetMed mobile all your pets medical records and medical details right in your pocket. Communicate with your vet on the go. Use PetMed to send messages to your vet and schedule an appointment.

As a Veterinarian your patients will be able to get all comments and reminders from your office and make quick responses with in app functions. With open communication Doctors and Patients have all the information.

PetMed Document
Online Documants

All records and prescriptions along with vet comments and pet photos.

PetMed Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

Documents and records stored in the cloud so they can be reached any where.

PetMed Vet Search
Veterinarian Search

Search area Veterinarian offices and view profiles for Doctors before an appointment.


We are a passionate group of pet lovers that contintly ran into problems. Having to visit many different websites to find a good Veterinarian, always having to cary around a folder of paper work to accomlish even the simplist of appointments. We saw that humans get all the technology when it come sto our medical records and our Pets are just as important.