We are a passionate group of pet lovers that constantly ran into problems. Having to visit many different websites to find a good Veterinarian, always having to cary around a folder of paper work to accomplish even the simplest of appointments. We saw that humans get all the technology when it comes to our medical records and our Pets are just as important.

Pet Med Cares

Our goal was to make it easier for you to go to the veterinarian office. With Pet med your pets medical information is at the end of a click. Always have your pets information on you if you ever have to visit any vet office or animal hospital.

How It Works

When you register your pet with PetMed you get all your pets medical records stored to your account. When you visit your pets Veterinarian they write up the visit and store all the information in your pets account. Having your account connected with your vet allows quick access to pets medical records any time you need them.

Your veterinarian can store all medical notes and suggestions to the visit message board as well as store immunizations and prescriptions records for you to access right away.

Pet Med Services

With Pet Med you can create an online profile for each of your pets that will store all your pets medical records online. By doing this it will allow your Veterinarian to have quick access to any record they need to care for your pet. The vet will also be able to update your pets records with:

  • Immunization records
  • Prescription medicine records
  • Care Plans
  • Activity Charts
  • Allergy Listings
  • Appointment Calender
  • Prescription request service
  • Veterinarian Office message board
  • Activity Tracker Connections
  • Local Dog Friend Finder

PetMed For Veterinarians

What in it for you?

Using PetMed for all your patient interaction will allow a greater bond and connection with the animals you care for. With more open transparency pet care can stay up to date and make it easier see records. With ease of use more clients can stay connected and receive reminders to keep shots up to date and never miss a regular check up. With prescription refill request time is not wasted with unneeded office visits keeping you free to care for those who need it.

Great for Everyone

With open line of communication with your patients problems can get solved quicker. Appointments can get made with the office using the Office Portal leaving your staff free to assist in other ways. With appointment calendar you will have patient profiles prior to appointment meetings giving you a heads up with owner notes and Activity tracker reports all at your finger tips. With easily accessed visit notes you will have reminders of previous visits to alert you to any requests that have been made at the last visit.